Verge Aero Technology

Fleets, design software, and mobile control, purpose built and intuitive drone show technology to fly superior drone shows
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Verge Aero Technology

Fleets, design software, and mobile control,
purpose built and intuitive drone show technology
to fly superior drone shows
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Verge Aero X7 Drone: Innovation Takes Flight

X7 Drone

Designed from the ground up for exceptional drone shows while delivering efficient operations, the X7 ushers in a new era of storytelling through aerial displays and technological advancements where every feature complements the next. Explore its industry leading capabilities:


Advanced GPS Capabilities: Delivering pinpoint accuracy even in the most demanding environments. With superior GPS rapidly detecting all available satellites, execution of denser, more precise designs, and greater access to launch sites with nearby obstacles and other challenges.
Extended Performance: Time: Capable of shows up to 16 min with total hover time of 21 min.
Fast Charging: The state-of-the-art battery system enables rapid operations with rapid charging via USB-C, quick battery swaps, and instant charge level visibility.
Conquer the Elements: Uncompromising resistance against water (it floats!) and winds up to 20 mph (9 m/s), increasing the likelihood of getting a show off the ground even in challenging conditions.
Fully Scalable and Integrated: Full drone show system with each product complementing the next with no limits on drone quantities.
Compatibility: Backward compatible with the Verge Aero X1 drone. Mixed fleets are fully supported.
Rugged, Reliable, Flexible: Not only is it built to perform, it’s built to last. Folding legs minimize storage space.

Verge Aero X7 Fact Sheet

Make a Splash!

Engineered for excellence and built to brave the elements, we put the X7 to the ultimate test. Watch as it floats, is submerged underwater and emerges shining bright!

Verge Aero Software

Allow creativity to be your focus with the Verge Aero Design Studio. The most advanced and yet user-friendly drone show design software makes designing sophisticated shows a breeze. Create, modify, import and endlessly customize designs. Scales endlessly, ensures safety checks and streamlines workflows with theVerge Aero Drone Show Solution.
Real-Time Visualization

Real-Time Visualization

Quickly and easily design in the Verge Aero Design Studio, with photo realistic 3D renders. Preview designs in the exact performance environment to scale using GPS coordinates

Compatible with any 3D or 2D source

Compatible with any 3D or 2D Source

Import illustrations or models from any design application, such as Illustrator or Blender. Design Studio can even extract points directly from images and photographs!

Simple templates and endless customization

Simple Templates and Endless Customization

Choose from dozens of design templates, existing designs, or create custom designs with ease. Endlessly customize through modifications, effects, and color schemes.

Seamless integration

Seamless Integration

Engineered by Verge Aero and designed for use with Verge Aero Hardware and Flight Control for seamless wor flows. Automatically assigns drone flight paths to ensure drove never collide in any design.

Rapid Show Creation

From Screen to Sky

Easily create designs and deploy shows in minutes with the Verge Aero Design Studio.  Capable of rapid onsite design and show edits.

Content Library

Text, Custom Fonts and More

Effortlessly add text, even with custom fonts to show designs. Create and add QR codes with ease to connect audiences with relevant content and information.

Audience Engagement

Skystream Events App
Skystream brings synchronized drone show audio directly to audience's phones.
  • Perfectly synchronized, high-quality audio, even in low signal and high traffic environments
  • Simple to set up and use. Free for audiences to connect.
  • Customizable with branding, sponsor slots, and pre and post show content
  • Notification system for real time communication to audiences
  • Audio licensing included with use
  • Learn everything about Skystream here.
Vertically Integrated Ground Control

Control thousands of drones with ease on one portable base station.