Stellar Drones. Intuitive Design Studio. Integrated Control Hub.
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Verge Aero Drones

  • Powerful WRGB LED
  • Lightweight Carbon Frame
  • 10+ Minute Shows
  • Wind Resistant
  • Swapable Batteries for Back to Back Shows

Verge Aero Software

Verge Aero's design software is intuitive, easy, and versatile.

Visualize Designs in Real Time

Design directly in the visualizer, with edits rendered in real time, appearing as they will at the live location. Capable of quick, on-site edits.

Compatible with any 3D or 2D Source

Import illustrations, animations, and models from any design application, such as Illustrator or Blender. Verge Studio can even extract splines directly from images and photographs!

Simple Templates and Endless Customization

Verge Studio has dozens of design templates that let you effortlessly create elaborate shapes and patterns, color schemes, and transitions.

Audience Engagement

Skystream brings synchronized drone show audio directly to audience's phones.
  • Perfectly synchronized, high-quality audio, even in low signal and high traffic environments
  • Simple to set up and use. Free for audiences to connect.
  • Customizable with branding, sponsor slots, and pre and post show content
  • Notification system for real time communication to audiences
  • Audio licensing included with use
  • Learn everything about Skystream here.

Control Hub

Integrated Control For Shows Of Any Size

Safely and easily control thousands of drones with one laptop and portable base station
  • Automatic signal and safety checks
  • Single button to load flight paths and run show checks
  • Remotely monitor thousands drones
  • Set geo fences
  • Launch and watch!
Vertically Integrated Ground Control

Control thousands of drones with ease on one portable base station.