Verge Aero Flies 4 Shows at International Fireworks Festival, Malta

Verge Aero Flies 4 Shows at International Fireworks Festival, Malta

Verge Aero flies 4 back-to-back shows on the sunny island of Malta in celebration with the Malta International Fireworks Festival and the Annual International Symposium of Fireworks. Shows totalled up to 700 drones, and flew in junction with fireworks and live orchestra!

On the beautiful Mediterranean Island of Malta, April 24th, 2023, Verge Aero kicked off the Annual International Symposium on Fireworks (ISF) with a celebratory drone show combined with a fireworks display. While it was the first ever drone show in Malta, the history of pyrotechnics in the island nation dates back hundreds of years, and for 2023, the symposium was scheduled to overlap with the Malta International Fireworks Festival (IFF). The Verge Aero kickoff performance was the first ever drone show in Malta, and one of four shows flown across the island during the 4-day event.

The joint kickoff show, between pyrotechnics and drone technology, featured 200 drones, performing original choreography by Verge Aero, synchronized to music and an accompanying fireworks display. The following show also featured 200 drones, took place in the historic St. Paul’s Bay, where delighted Maltese natives and tourists gathered to enjoy the unique spectacle. The third show boasted another world first, as 700 Verge Aero drones flew to the rhythm of a live, 27-piece orchestra, projecting images celebrating Malta’s culture and history. 

Drones form an iconic Maltese knight over St. Paul's Bay

The epic finale performance showcased 700 drones flying to synchronized music over the historic Fort St Angelo, and was accompanied by a spectacular panoramic fireworks display performed in partnership with Pyroemotions. The show featured a technical first in the drown show industry, where Verge Aero launched two fleets from two separate launch locations at different altitudes, each maintaining perfect synchronization with the music and fireworks display. The finale was covered by local and national news outlets, including The Malta Times, and created a buzz on social media.

Drone show celebration in Malta, 2023

“Malta was a big deal for us and for the fireworks industry as a whole,” said Verge Aero VP of Sales, Chris Lutts. “It’s a privilege for us to join and contribute to this symposium and Malta’s vibrant history with a new kind of light show.” Lutts has worked in fireworks, drones, and entertainment his entire career. This was his first year flying drones at the festival. “It was even more exciting and well received than we expected,” he continued. Verge Aero was invited back to fly at the next ISF in 2024.