Verge Aero to Perform Drone Show on America's Got Talent Extreme

Verge Aero to Perform Drone Show on America's Got Talent Extreme

Creator and executive producer Simon Cowell to judge Verge Aero’s performance alongside WWE superstar Nikki Bella and motocross and rally car driver Travis Pastrana.

Verge Aero Drones on AGT Extreme

We are so excited to announce that Verge Aero will be featured as an act, flying drones, on the premiere episode of AGT Extreme! The show features a diverse mix of the most extraordinary and mind-blowing acts that don’t fit the confines of the theatrical stage normally used for AGT acts.

It was so exciting to have our drone show seen by such big names like WWE superstar and NYT best-selling author Nikki Bella, motocross and rally car driver Travis Pastrana and Got Talent creator Simon Cowell, not to mention host Terry Crews. Verge Aero is honored and thankful for being given the opportunity to showcase our talents to the world. Drones have so much creative potential and, for AGT Extreme, we designed some unique and dazzling content to show the world what’s possible. We can’t wait for the viewers to see what we’ve come up with!

Verge Co-founders. Starting from the left: Nils, Anthony, Tony, Chris
Verge Co-founders. Starting from the left: Nils, Anthony, Tony, Chris

When not appearing on America’s Got Talent: Extreme, the Verge Aero team develops technology for drone shows and flies the biggest drone shows around the world. The engineering work required to safely execute a drone show is, indeed, extreme and the engineers have devoted over seven years of their lives to developing the underlying technologies used to power drone shows.

"The opportunity to perform on AGT Extreme is so special to us," said Tony Samaritano, one of the Verge Aero technical co-founders. "Engineers are usually hidden behind the scenes and rarely have a platform to showcase their work or even receive credit for it. We are so excited to be here—as the actual talent!—to show the world the magic of drone light shows and to inspire the next generation of engineers and STEM professions."

Tune into AGT Extreme this Monday, February 21st at 8/7c on NBC to root for Verge Aero, drone light shows, entrepreneurship, and drone nerds!

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