Drones and Pyrotechnics Unite for Explosive Spectacle

Drones and Pyrotechnics Unite for Explosive Spectacle

A fiery performance blew audiences away in Oshkosh, WI when 850 drones united with pyrotechnics in a collaborative effort, telling the story of humanity winning in an AI dystopia.

In an explosive fusion of light, sound, and movement that left attendees blown away, the Pyrotechnic Guild International (PGI) 2023, was brought to a close by a performance that seamlessly integrated drone show technology with the grandeur of pyrotechnics.  This collaborative performance is a testament to the potential of combined technologies to tell captivating stories. 

The riveting display, telling the story of humanity winning in an AI dystopia, was the result of collaborative efforts of Verge Aero Network partners Rozzi Famous Fireworks, Flylight Drones, Fantasy Drone Shows, and professional pyrotechnic organizations, including Spirit of 76 Fireworks and Cobra Firing Systems. The work highlights the power of integration and strength of partnerships between drone technology and pyrotechnics.

Drones in a formation of Robot Head shooting lasers from its eyes

The tight integration of the drone show and pyrotechnics was key to the performance storyline. As lasers shot from the eyes of a robot, created by drones, perfectly synchronized pyrotechnics created fiery explosions adding depth and drama to the experience. Additionally, the combined technologies celebrated the ultimate triumph of humanity in the narrative, with a robot hand closing on the robot head,  turning it into a graceful butterfly accompanied by colorful and celebratory fireworks.

The integration of drone technology and pyrotechnics was mesmerizing, and the result was an unforgettable experience that brought technology, artistry, creativity, and teamwork together. We extend our sincere gratitude to our partners, sponsors, and everyone involved for their invaluable support and contribution to the performance.

The full performance can be viewed below