Fireworks by Grucci Spells It Out For MrBeast With Verge Aero Drone Show

Fireworks by Grucci Spells It Out For MrBeast With Verge Aero Drone Show

MrBeast flies uses Verge Aero X1 light show drones to spell out logos and text in the sky with Fireworks by Grucci.

Nevada, USAFireworks by Grucci, the latest partner company to invest in Verge Aero’s high performance drone show technology, recently completed a project with a difference for YouTube superstar MrBeast when he decided to have a little fun with some serious fireworks in the Nevada desert.

Verge Aero drones fly the MrBeast logo in a YouTube video with Fireworks by Grucci

MrBeast – real name Jimmy Donaldson – is a YouTube phenomenon, attracting over 38 million subscribers with his videos of elaborate challenges, attention-grabbing stunts and jaw-dropping philanthropy. With each video quickly drawing tens of millions of views, he brings his unique brand of fun to an impressive worldwide audience.

For his latest video, ‘I Bought The World’s Largest Firework’, MrBeast commissioned Long Island-based Fireworks by Grucci to design and produce all the professional fireworks effects. Filmed at a site not far from the fabled Area 51 (a location long associated with strange lights in the sky), the video sees MrBeast and friends fire an increasingly spectacular range of explosive effects, from a $1 consumer firework through to a giant array of 16 handcrafted 24-inch aerial shells, manufactured by Grucci.

MrBeast spells out "BURGER" in the sky with Verge Aero drones

Adding a touch of ‘light relief’ to the pyro demonstrations, Fireworks by Grucci showcased its investment in a fleet of Verge Aero drones, with which the company is expanding its unique pyro and firework capabilities. The drones were used to play a gag in which words were spelled out in the night sky, apparently in response to instructions spoken on a walkie-talkie. A fleet of 120 GPS-guided drones formed the words, which were pre-programmed prior to the flight.

The display was created in and controlled from Verge Aero’s innovative, proprietary software, while the drones were launched from a dedicated safe zone. This meant that a small crew was easily able to complete the project, working in accordance with current COVID-19 safe working guidelines, including social distancing and the use of personal protection equipment.

Fireworks by Grucci’s President and CEO, Phil Grucci, says, “We’re so happy to be working together with Verge Aero. We’ve been very impressed by the capabilities of their drone technology, which is purpose-designed for the particular demands of entertainment. It’s a great new complement to the firework and pyro displays that we’re known for.”

He adds, “This show was a lot of fun, with a great result, and we’re all looking forward to using Verge Aero’s technology on many shows in the future. Thanks to them, and to MrBeast for inviting us to share in the experience.”

“We’re delighted that our friends at Fireworks by Grucci chose to include Verge Aero in this show for MrBeast,” says Verge Aero CEO Nils Thorjussen. “With live entertainment on hold during the COVID-19 crisis, social media has managed to keep and even grow its audience, and MrBeast is one of its stars. His videos are crazy, fun and heart-warming, and they keep millions hooked. Seeing our drone technology play a part in that phenomenon has been a real pleasure.”